Have your cake, and eat it!

Yummily makes cakes to eat at the party, not to cut up and put in a bag! The focus is on yummy tastes and home-made cakey happiness.  Tuck in!


Cake trolley


Giant double-layer square chocolate cake.

Sandwiched together with chocolate buttercream, and covered in a thick luscious layer of chocolate fudge icing.  Decorated (usually) in the chocolates of your choice - some people like chocolate stars, others ask for their age in maltesers!  It's got the wow factor, and can serve somewhere between 24 and 36 people, depending on their determination.


Layered chocolate cake.

With a choice of chocolate buttercream or chocolate fudge icing (or a combination - you choose).   Decorated in chocolates, sprinkles, or sugar flowers, as you wish.  It can also be filled and topped with whipped cream and strawberries or raspberries in season.  Serves between 12-16 people.


Gluten-free chocolate victoria sponge.

Can be decorated as above, and serves 8-10 people.


Chocolate and vanilla marble cake.

The top can be lightly dusted with icing sugar for a classic finish, or decorated with glace or fudge icing. Serves 8-10.


Lemon drizzle cake.

An old-school favourite for summer picnics, light lemon sponge, with a tangy lemon topping. Serves 8-10.


Mary Berry's superb carrot cake.

A delicious, moist carrot cake, made to a classic Mary Berry recipe, and topped with a vanilla cream cheese frosting. Serves 8-10.


Oreo ice-cream cake.

I first made this as a special request from my husband who missed the ice-cream cakes he used to be able to get in Canada. Layers of vanilla ice-cream and home-made chocolate fudge sauce on an oreo biscuit base - a little goes a long way, and it goes down very well at parties.  Serves 16-20.


Cupcakes, by the dozen.

These can be decorated with glace or buttercream icing to suit your party theme, or supplied as part of a kit (with icing and sprinkles) so the children (or grown-ups) can decorate their own cakes.  Tip: You may find that no matter how many cakes the children decorate, the cake stand never gets full!


Emergency traybake.

Need to produce something home-made for a school cake sale or a coffee morning?  Call Yummily by 6pm to collect first thing, or by 10am to collect on your way to pick the kids up from school.

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