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I  love food and cooking.  I have been cooking for friends and family for 30 years, and have launched Yummily as a small business to cook for other people and their families as well.  Talking to other mums, I have found that not everyone has the same enthusiasm for getting busy in the kitchen as I do, but Yummily means that everyone can still enjoy wholesome, home-cooked food, but without the slog.


My key principles are:

  • Make it from scratch
  • Plan your menus
  • Family-friendly food
  • Affordability


Make it from scratch:  About 10 years ago, I made a new year's resolution not to eat supermarket ready meals, but to cook everything from scratch using the best ingredients I could afford.  It's a great way to ensure that you know exactly what's gone into your food, and to tweak it to your own taste.


Menu planning: As the mother of twins, and stepmother to two older children, menu planning is a vital part of running the household - we can go from catering for a house-full of big appetites one day, to just two small children and me the next.  I started putting the week's plan up on the blackboard, and shopping exclusively for that, and as a result we almost eliminated food waste, and saved about £50 a week on food - two fantastic outcomes I am very keen to share with others.


Family-friendly: When I first had my babies, by far the best gift we received was four trays of home-made lasagne, dropped off without fuss by a friend with two grown-up boys.  It meant I could focus on the babies, rather than the kitchen, at a time when that was a priority.  Yummily can do that for you.


When I was weaning my babies, I burned out the motor of the blender twice, and now have a food processor with a motor guaranteed for 12 years!  Allow me to relieve you of the pressure, tedium, and equipment costs of preparing purees whilst also looking after small babies.


Affordability: Yummily means that you don't have to be the Kardashians to have a personal cook. You can set your food budget and preferences, and I will charge the same as other household services such as cleaning or dog-walking.




Laura Batty

Chief Cook and Bottle-Washer

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E-mail: Laura.batty@yummily.co.uk

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